DOA Hamps Hawkeye RR
I recently purchased Hawkeye from DOA hamps of Iowa. He is a late born March lamb but has tons of growth. Look for hawkeye to add style, breed character, correct feet and legs, and lots of extension. I would like to thank Justin, Wayne, and the O'brien family for making this great ram available to me to help further advance my Hampshire flock.
Hampshire Ram
Suffolk Ram
XXX 6X, Seguin Triple X

This is by far the best ram that we have ever raised! This "RR" January lamb exemplifies all the qualities that we strive for in our breeding program. Triple X has been exposed to over half of our ewes and we anxiously await his lambs. Many thanks to everyone who inquired and past along positive comments about this ram. Take a look at this pedigree. This pedigree has a bit of everything and the ram looks the part!
Xcalibur 16X
Xcalibur 16X

The coolest hamp ram we have raised to date. This march born RR "Hawkeye" son is really coming into his own. Length, style, breed character and front-end extension to burn. This ram has all the pieces to make one hell of a stud ram! We turned this ram out for clean-up after the royal, I wish we had put him out earlier. Watch for this ram in the future.